Managing Director

Kumkum is the creator behind one of the most colourful ethnic handloom fashion retail brand in India. At the age of 30, Kumkum stumbled upon an idea of creating ‘baby katha’ and thus began a handmade clothing brand Aashiva. Currently, she backs the popular handloom dress retailer as a Managing Director.

She started experimenting with canvas, linen flex and other materials and drawing inspiration from various sources.

Her love for threads & colors is one of the fundamentals of Aashiva. The brand today enjoys international identity and is revered among regular users and hard-core fashionistas alike.

Kumkum has seen and experienced the intricate process of growing cotton, silk and Linen in village farms to the amazing workers mastering the art of hand spinning and producing every single thread with so much love and hard work.

May be it is because of her experience with this process that has made her love for handloom products so much more.

It is very loving and proud that how brand “Aashiva” is still keeping this process alive by supporting these local products and sharing a piece of our rich heritage and culture with the world.

In early age of career, she was part of news program operation at IndiaTV news channel as a senior Journalist.