AASHIVA “The handloon fashion brand” is India’s ultimate cloths and garments chain with products like Hand woven handmade hand design ethnic and traditional wears like sarees, salwar kameez, Lahnga and much more.

Aashiva is the only Indian garments shop franchise with a Artisan based concept- Your order, we make.

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What Makes AASHIVA a unique Franchise Opportunity?

The trademarked brand Aashiva is not just a name but an endeavour, through it design a LOCAL style for GLOBAL costumers. It is combination of two stunning varieties of Ethnic and Designer wears.

We work on each and every handmade handwoven thread and fabric like Linen, Silk, Cotton, Jamdani, Chanderi Banarsi, Kanjivaram, Ikkat, Maheshwari etc. Other than this, we as a manufacturer, trader, supplier, our vision to strengthen and support the lower communities, underprivileged women, small artisans and farmers of India.

When customers buy it, they will directly help the deprived and helpless artisans who have made it the best with their own hands. To start franchise business, Aashiva offers a product that has been marketed locally, nationally or internationally for years. When you invest in a franchise business, you are purchasing the rights to sell a product or service according to your locality and your own business conditions.


The Indian garment & textile industry currently valued around at 108 billion USD, is expected to reach 223 billion USD by 2021. The industry is the second largest employer after agriculture, providing employment to over 45 million people.
Modern garments products are necessary in the Indian Market and with changing modern lifestyles in India; it has immense potential for business.


Garment is a very safe business.  Any area having a decent resident population is a potential area, as there are always a celebration time every day, besides a huge number of anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions like Valentine’s day, New Year, Weddings, Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Chhath, Eid, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Easter, Onam, Baishakhi, Bihu, Pongal, Lohri, Ganpati Puja and so on.


The profit margins in cloth business are very, very high.  If various factors are taken care of properly (this is where the need for a good Franchise comes in), this business can result in earnings of very good amounts every month, and sets up a regular source of independent decent income for life.

It can be a very easy to run business (this is where the need for a good Franchise comes in – one who gives good support for promotion, providing new items, trending wears supply when required, modern management methods, professionally designed occasion based offers, online awareness, etc. etc. leaving you free to take care of the running of your outlet).

Aashiva currently has all types of people running our Franchise, be it – Professionals who have given up their jobs to be independent businessmen, working women, educated homemakers, house wives who wish to own a prestigious business and not be bound by their offices, elderly people seeking a good regular source of income, young people wanting to start out on with a safe and profitable business, and so on. It is a matter of pride to own a modern and contemporary successful business for all our



Aarav Business Merchandise Pvt. Ltd. is a Trademarked Certified leading and trusted Manufacturer, Trader, Retailer and Distributor of cloths and garments products in India.
The company has been escalating at an incredibly rapid rate and has successfully running business across India and abroad under the brand name of
“Aashiva”. Having spent years in the garment industry, we are highly skilled at what we do and are equipped to tackle all the challenges that come our way.

 2. UNIQUE “Your order, we make” CONCEPT:

We are the only Franchise offering a live order concept, where you order then we make in just 3 days. While other garment shops tend to sell product that are regular in market, we pride ourselves for selling new trendy dress.  (and this should be the aim of our Franchisee too), we outshine other cloths brands, no matter how old or popular.


We have on our menu a huge array of Ethnic or classic handmade wears that include silk, tussar, mutka, Muga, Linen, Tant, Bengal Handloom, Chiffon, Georgett, Chanderi, chettinadu, kalamkari, batik print, Handblock print, Azrakh, Kesh cotton, Jamdani, Bandhani, Laheria, Banarsi, Mulmul cotton, Kerala Cotton, Mekhla silk, Mahapar, Cutwork, Gheecha, Maheshwari, Ikkat, Chickenkari and trendy among others. We pride ourselves for having the largest variety of products when compared to other brands in the industry.

Aashiva maintains very high standards and operates with immense professionalism. Our helpful and efficient staff will always be accessible to you and
will help you resolve day to day issues if any. We believe in a cooperative, friendly and professional approach and expect the same from our franchisees.

    We do many things to create awareness of your outlet. Right from a professional launch, to regular multiple promotion offers for all important calendar occasions, advertising campaigns, membership schemes, online tie-ups, social media promotion, is done by us for you.
    We offer a margin unparalleled with minimum royalty While most Franchises offer normally 25-30 % gross margins (which can hardly cover costs), But we offer to give products of almost 90% of your investment, No other charges excluding shipping. This is a very unique possible only in the garment industry. We believe the philosophy of mutual respectable profit sharing with our partners. 
    We have a professional fashion developers, dress designers, artisans, who constantly work on updating our products and introducing new items. We ensure that we change with time and remain relevant and up to date at all times.
  1. B2B SALES:
    We help you tie up with Event Mangers, Reseller, Corporates, Online cloths delivery services, Party and Wedding organizers, and other B2B related shops who can sell your products, for further expansion of your outlet sales.

Our service manager will visit your outlet frequently to study your business and your competition and will offer you personalized suggestions to boost
sales and improve outlet performance.

10. THE ONLY Hand Made, Hand woven CHAIN:
Some of India is purely western minded and the whole of India wears ethnic like saree and kurtis. A lot of modern and unique customers prefer buying only Handwoven items and this becomes a great competitive advantage for us.

We believe that quality of fabric is extremely important, and therefore we use the highest quality of raw material. This eventually builds trust, and leads to a loyal customer support base. Our products are used by well known celebrities and big corporate houses too.

    The interiors done by us are very contemporary and modern, and give an international look to the whole outlet.
    Staff are hired and trained by the company and then sent you. The counter staff is also trained by us.
    We have a professional team of managers and assistants to help you improve your business, or solve any problems you may have.  We have the expertise of developing the business of our franchisees by giving them valuable support through promotion, new product development, Staff recruitment, modern management methods, professionally designed occasion based offers, online awareness, etc.
  4. Key Highlights:
    – Ready to run, A-Z support done by us
    – Live order – 100 % Handwoven made in 3 weeks
    – Largest Variety of cloths and wears
    – Exclusive Designs, Patterns and much more
    – International, Modern and Contemporary Shop Designing
    – High Quality Products at Pocket Friendly Rates
    – Attractive Product Designs
    – Risk Free, Recession Proof business, as there is a consistent demand for dress & unstitched materials
    – Very High margins. Net Profit of up to 5 – 10 Lakhs per month, depending on location and investment
    – Complete training given to Counter staff
    – Easy to run business. No experience required
    – Promotion Material and Strategies shared to boost sales
    – Complete Material and Gift Items supplied by the company
    – Friendly and Professional Support

TO OWN A FRANCHISE, 9934772564
or write us on


Aashiva Commercial Model:

Shop Area Requirement:  500 sq.ft. Minimum.
Staff Required: 2

Cost to acquire Aashiva Commercial Model: Rs. 50 to 75 Lakh (negotiable)

The cost for the franchise is subject to change depending on the size of the store


(It is recommended that you go through the FAQ’s below, and then call on the above mentioned number, this will enable you to understand everything better and faster).
Aashiva is seeking highly motivated franchise partners with or without prior business experience.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you tell us about Aashiva?

Aashiva is a successful cloths and garments chain that was started in the year 2015. The brand rapidly became very popular across the country.

Q2. Which company owns Aashiva?

The brand Aashiva is owned by Aarav Business Merchandise Pvt. Ltd. The company is leading and trusted Manufacturer, Traders, Retailer and Distributor of garment products in India. The company was established in 2015 under the law of Govt. of India.

Q3. What differentiates Aashiva from the other brands? What is its USP?

Brand– Very Reputed and Trusted brand in garment sector, Trademarked by Govt. of India

Work Profile– Dress Manufacturing, Retail sale, wholesale with worldwide supply since 2015

Worker & Suppliers– More than 2000 artisans and 200 suppliers are associated with Aashiva.

Offline Store– Stores accross pan India. Some projects are in pipeline due to COVID19 disease. but after this pandemic we will work on it.

Associated with– India Mart, Amazon, FedEx, Etsy, FirstCry and many more in Service and manufacturing sector.

Products– Saree (Linen, silk, chanderi, cotton, cotton silk, kesh cotton, Raw silk , banarsi, Georgette, Chiffon, Mutka, Tussar, Munga etc), Kurti (Dabu print, crape, cotton, silk, Gown, Dress material etc) Lehnga, Bridal Wear, Party wear, casuals, Tops, Handloom, handmade, Leggings, contemporary and bollywood fashion etc.

Export– Aashiva export in each and every part of the country as well as abroad like US, UK, Canada, Florida, Mauritius, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Qatar etc through air or water ways.

Q4. What will be my Investment, if I wish to acquire an Aashiva Franchise?

The total investment is Rs. 50,00000/-. Minimum for Retail store or showroom.

Q5. Can I do the interior myself?

Yes you can do by yourself only. The company has to standardize the interior of its outlets across India but can allow franchisees to do the setup.

Q6. What is the minimum shop area requirement to open an Aashiva outlet?

The minimum shop area requirement is 500 sq. ft. (Carpet Area). Please note: This is the minimum requirement. The cost for the franchise is subject to change depending on the size and location of the store

Q7. How are the margins divided between the company and the franchisee?

Minimum royalty charged, Maximum Margin of profit is for Franchisee only.

Q8. What are my monthly expenses?

You will be expected to bear the cost of:
a. Staff Salary
b. Electricity
c. Rent (If property not owned by Franchisee)
d. Sundry Expenses (Packaging Material, etc)

Q9. What will I be left with after all these expenses?

Our franchisees currently are making a sale of Rs. 3,00000 to Rs. 10,00000 per day, depending on the location.

Q10. Are Retail Sales my only source of Income?

No, Retail Sales are not the only source of income. You are free to supply products at online, wholesale rates to other stores, supermarkets or Corporate.
This is a huge source of added income for our franchise owners.

Q11. How many employees will I need? What about their recruitment and training?

You will need a total of two employees to run the store but for home based no staff required.

Q12. How do we decide the ideal Store Location? Will the company help us?

The store has to be located in the main market area only as high footfall is very crucial for good sales. You are expected to look for a few good options in the area that you wish to target, and the company will help you finalise the best location.

Q13. What about Promotion & Marketing? Will the company help us?

  • Aashiva, before the launch of your outlet, will distribute leaflets in your local area.
  • The company will tie up for you with their associates
  • Aashiva has an active social media presence on: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Aashiva has an E-commerce Page and website where customers can place online orders
  • Aashiva offers membership programs to its customers, to encourage repeat sales
  • We at Aashiva, from time to time come up with marketing schemes to boost our sales
  • Aashiva will supply best products in the best prices with home delivery on time that will allow franchisee to make business profitable.
  • Paper to be collected– Nominal paper work only MOU, AADHAR and Bank Account required.

Q14. Can I sell products that do not belong to the Aashiva brand?

Franchisees are allowed to sell products that are provided to them by the company. But cannot sell products belonging to any another brand to the customers at the Aashiva outlet.

 Q15. How long is the franchise agreement for? Is there a renewal fee?

The agreement is for a period of 5 years. A renewal fee of Rs. 1.5 lakh is taken at the time of renewal.

Q16. I have a bigger shop in mind, can the company offer me more products?

Yes, we at Aashiva offer additional products as we deal more than two hundred products.

Q17. How is the Franchise Payment done? 

Our accounts department shall send you the account details based on your investment, payment can make advance only by cash, bank transfer, Cheque, DD, online payments or net banking.

Q18. Are there in hidden costs that we should know about?

You are required to acquire a few licenses from the local district authority to operate a franchise. However, we will guide you through the process of acquiring licenses. Barring the expense of acquiring licenses and paying taxes, all your needs are taken care of by Aashiva.

Thank you for your interest in Aashiva, We assure you our 100% support and expect the same from you. We value our franchisees as they’re the ones who take our brand forward. We wish to enter a mutually profitable symbiotic relationship; where we can together grow from strength to strength.


Step One:

Call on 9934772564 and share basic details.

Step Two:

Submit Application / request through email / Token Money deposit

Step Three:

Your Aashiva Experience Begins

*Market conditions and prices may vary. Franchisee Caution is advised.  As returns are based on many factors, Returns are not guaranteed and we will not be responsible for the projected mentioned returns.

The information provided on this website may change at any time without any prior intimation. The latest information may or may not be updated on the website.